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I have been working with children since age 15 when I started teaching Sunday school classes at my church. I later worked as a classroom teacher at the private school affiliated with my church. I began tutoring at this time as well to provide extra help to some students at my school.

I later worked at a public school as a Lead Tutor for their after school tutoring program. While I worked there, this program was declared an “exemplary program” by the California Board of Education, and was chosen as the Regional Learning Center . This meant that other schools in the region would come observe how our program was run to use as a model for their own tutoring programs. Because of this status, we were chosen as a pilot and testing site for several programs. As a result, we received training directly from the writers of new curricula, creators of new reading strategies, etc. Being a “Lead Tutor” meant that I was the program coordinator for my site. My first year there, I was in charge of one classroom. By my 3rd and 4th years, however, I was in charge of the entire program at my school site. As a Lead Tutor, I wrote lesson plans and schedules, organized events, supervised and trained the tutors at my site, managed the classroom, and taught children in small groups and whole class. The training and experience I received from this program have been invaluable to me. I continued private tutoring this entire time as well.

I taught a Suplementary Instruction course for Math 102 (College Algebra) at California State University of Northridge for three semesters and worked as a Math Mentor for CSUN's EOP students.

I prefer tutoring over teaching because in working with students one-on-one I have the student’s full attention with no distractions and I can teach exactly at that student’s level, so he/she never becomes bored or confused. Since most parents today don’t have the time to work with their child regularly, and since emotional conflict can impede learning in parent-child tutoring, it is often prudent to assign that responsibility to a capable 3rd party. It is my honor and privilege to assist families in this endeavor.