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Private Tutoring Fees

Fees vary according to circumstances. Fees range from $25 to $50 per one-hour session. The typical fee for a session with Ms. Pride is $40, and tutoring with an alternate tutor is usually $25. This fee covers the tutoring session, planning time, materials, photocopying, and any snacks or treats that are provided. Fees for all scheduled appointments for the entire month are due at the beginning of the month. As an alternative to paying in advance, you may choose to book sessions one at a time and pay at the beginning of each session. However, as this type of scheduling does not guarantee a regular or convenient schedule, I do not recommend it for most students. It is in the student’s best interest to keep appointments consistent. Checks are acceptable and are to be payable to Jessica Pride or New Hope Tutoring. However, if I ever have a problem cashing a check, I will expect to be paid in cash, cashier’s check, or money order from that point on. If you wish to continue paying by check, I will require a deposit of a full month’s fees.

Payments are also accepted through Paypal, directed to

*Summer club fees are listed on Summer Clubs page