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One-on-one Tutoring

Academic Guidance

  • Math
  • English
  • History
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • GED
  • SAT
  • GMAT
  • Study Skills
  • Organization
  • Homework Help
*Please ask about subjects not listed



I create individualized lesson plans for each student. I determine each student’s area of need through observations while working with the student, and through information given to me by the parent, student, and teacher. I have found that assessment test are usually a waste of valuable tutoring time since I can gather the same information by working with the student. Furthermore, I tailor my lessons to the student’s own personal learning style. These are the benefits private tutoring offers that cannot possibly be attained in a classroom setting in which instruction is tailored and directed to a group rather than an individual.

Homework/ Student’s Responsibilities

I will offer help with homework and study skills if requested. Otherwise, I will create lessons that target specific skills, and homework will be the responsibility of the student. Homework should be attempted before the tutoring session so as not to waste valuable tutoring time on work the student is able to do on his/her own. I will help the student with any part of the homework that is difficult or unclear. Students should always bring all relevant class notes, school books and tests taken in class to each tutoring appointment.

Skill Reinforcement

After determining what skills need to be strengthened, I will provide instruction, practice activities, and instant feedback on any skills that will reinforce the student’s skill foundation. I have a wide variety of methods for reinforcing these skills that are fun and engaging to keep the student’s interest. I use scaffolding teaching strategies in which I first demonstrate for the student how to do the work, then guide the student as he/she attempts to follow my model, then observe as the student tries the problem independently.

Teacher Contact

Communication with the teacher is often very helpful in tutoring situations. This way I can be sure to help with skills the teacher feels are important for the student and stay current with the class schedule. Also, many concepts can be taught in a variety of ways (especially in math). It is often helpful if I know which methods the teacher uses. However, I only contact teachers with permission from the parents.

Parent Up-Dates

I will keep parents informed of their student’s progress usually through phone conversations. Before and after tutoring sessions, however convenient, is usually not a good time for discussions because I will usually have another tutoring session at that time. I will prepare written progress reports if requested in advance. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns!

Student Success

All of my students will receive ONE -ON- ONE INSTRUCTION through an individualized lesson plan. I really want my students to succeed in school, and I believe ALL students are capable of success! Tutoring usually does not have to be a life-long commitment. Many students only need help getting back on track and once that’s achieved, are able to excel on their own. My goal is not to carry a student through his/her academic career, but to help him/her develop the skills necessary to succeed independently. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and your student!