Summer Clubs



Each session is typically one hour. Any less is often insufficient and any longer may cause the student to lose focus (especially after a long day at school). However there are exceptions to this, such as with very young children with shorter attention spans or older students who need extra time preparing for a test. The days per week depend on the student’s needs, schedule, and responsibilities. I recommend a minimum of two days per week in most cases.


Tutoring sessions should be as consistent as possible. Therefore, I keep official holiday breaks to a minimum. My holidays generally coincide with LAUSD school holidays, which usually include two days at Thanksgiving, two or three weeks at Winter Break, and one week at Spring Break. Exact dates will be given as time approaches. If you prefer to continue tutoring through the vacation time, please request this in advance and I will provide tutoring through the break if possible. If you wish to take any other holidays from tutoring, please notify me in advance and we can arrange make-up sessions.


*Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up your child in order to ensure that each student gets the maximum time per session.


Make-Up Sessions

If it is necessary to miss a session, I will allow a make-up time ONLY if I am notified ahead of time that you won’t be able to come to your appointment, and missed appointments do not become a pattern. I will then designate a time for a make-up session possibly on a Saturday morning. Please be advised that there may be other students at that time who also need to make up a session. I’m sorry, but credit for missed sessions can not be applied to the next month’s fees. I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you, but I have to protect myself from those who show up only when they feel like it.


Thanks so much for your cooperation!